A summary of AIA’s 2013 International Aromatherapy Conference

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AIA-2013-logo   **Mayor of St Pete’s – Bill Foster is proclaiming September as Aromatherapy month!  **Where are you living? down below like a coal miner or up above?  **Kundalini Yoga – Ah! the breathe of life. “Without peace of mind, there is no piece of heart”.  **I want to be PILLAR, the hypothalamus controls the body – are you in fight or flight?  **Vintage Aromatherapy is on the rise.  Use me baby, Restart me up.  **The Fifth Element – “the mysterious quinta essentia” is key to whole body healing.  **6 Pathogenic conditions – make sure you review, which one do you resonate with and recognize to address the whole terrain.  **Smell, dynamic, knowledgeable and true.  Keeping our lymphatic system in line with Nature too!  **I’m just saying “do no harm” Do your research.  There are many controversial articles.  Knowledge is power.  Think outside the box.  **I have a backbone.  I’m in awe of your science teaching. BTW – I want Andrea to help me with my power point presentations.  🙂  **Bridging energies & chemistry is his specialty.  Squaring the circle just makes sense!  **Hippocrates came to visit and shared his wisdom and Dr D. explained the speed bumps of life in aromatherapy.  **The plant is the whole, the EO is the soul & everything being asked from the heart is a prayer.  **Do you have Nature Deficit Disorder?  Go for nature walks, learn, feel, touch & smell.  **Salts help is get back to healing – Let’s try and get naked & play in the healing mud.  **Maslow’s Hierarchy & Socrates teachings.  Our Passion, Trust, Needs & Love.  Building a relationship & sharing knowledge.  **One part oxygen, two parts hydrogen, the rest is magic.  Energy is carried forever, water holds memory!  Let the waters guide you.  **Love your skin, test your products on yourself first and perhaps your husband too!  Be simple, Be safe & Be well.  **This works, this doesn’t – bring it all together.  Where the attention goes, our energy goes.  Change your thoughts – change your world.

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