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Do you ever wonder why you just can’t see eye to eye with someone. I saw a great explanation of this by Alan Weiss. Glad he figured this one out. This is from Alan’s Monday Morning Memo.  Thanks, Alan.



“One of my granddaughters, Alaina, noticed that Bentley (our white German Shepherd puppy) had his toys on the floor in front of his bed. So, she dutifully picked up each one and deposited it in the bed. As soon as she did so, Bentley threw it back onto the floor. Alaina (four years old) kept retrieving, and Bentley (four months old) kept tossing. To her it was straightening up, to him it was a great game. Since they had differing objectives, they were never going to cooperate, although they did have a symbiotic relationship. Ask yourself, when you perceive less than full cooperation–or if you are receiving cooperation but still not making progress–whether you and the others have common objectives and self-interests. People’s default behavior is to act in their own self-interest. I told Bentley and Alaina that we were going for a ride and they both headed for the door, Alaina opening it and Bentley protecting her in their now common pursuit. That’s why I make the big bucks….”

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