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If you are seeking information to assist you in preparing articles related to aromatherapy and essential oils and/or the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, you’re in the right place. We ask you to accurately report this information in your publication. Feel free to explore our website for ideas and information.  If you want additional information, please email our Publications Committee.


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About the Alliance of International Aromatherapists

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), a 501(c)(3) member based nonprofit organization, was formed as the result of the vision and devotion of a Denver, Colorado group of aromatherapists and was officially launched on June 12, 2006.


AIA is a member-based organization with members in ten countries providing education using scientific research and traditional information to promote the responsible use of aromatherapy. We serve the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry, and the media.


Our Vision
The AIA is a leading international aromatherapy organization making aromatherapy a readily accessible and respected holistic healing modality.


Our Mission
AIA unites aromatherapists from around the world to advance research and professionalism within the aromatherapy industry. As a result the public has the option for a safe, natural and complementary form of health care.

AIA achieves its mission through:


  • providing research materials for our members
  • providing safety information for the use of essential oils
  • offering biennial international aromatherapy conferences for aromatherapists and other health care professionals
  • providing monthly continuing education Teleseminars
  • publication of booklets on Essential Oil Therapy
  • providing monthly informational eNewsletters
  • serving as an information resource to the print and electronic media


Our Values

We believe:

  • Essential oil therapy is a scientifically proven healing modality that should be accessible to everyone.
  • Through continued solid scientific research, we expand the understanding of essential oil therapy and its effect on mind, body and spirit.
  • Through professional and responsible use of essential oil therapy, clinical aromatherapists are equipped to integrate with the medical community.
  • Through standardizing aromatherapy education and qualifying criteria in North America we create a foundation of professionalism and common lines of communication with other health care professionals and regulatory agencies throughout the world.
  • By supporting earth friendly harvesting and processing practices of aromatic plants we bring greater health to the Earth and her people.


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