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Connie Henry

Connie Henry

Connie Henry PhD, ND, CPH, CHF, RN is a Certified Integrative Aromatherapist, Certified Professional Herbalist as well as a mental health and substance abuse nurse. She has her B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and holds her Doctorate in Integrative Health Science and Naturopathy. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and is dedicated to educfating folks in natural practices and self-care.


The complexity of health and welln4ss consists of the recognition that all factors of the human condition are interrelated not separate, one from another. Natural practices employ healing vs. curative methods and rely on the individual as an equal partner in the process.


“I am a Traditional Naturopath. I invite you to take the journey with yourself, the sweetness of feeling whole.”

Client Focus: Education and Consultation
Specialties: Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Naturopath, Educator, RN, Clinical Nutritin, Energy Work
Credentials: Ph.D, ND, CPH, CHF, RN
Travel Distance: Offer Advanced Herbal and Aromatherapy Education; Internships available in New Mexico and distance learning
Language: English
Treatment Approach: Believing that all of the nature is energy and that we are not separate but closely interconnected Connie looks to her natural world as a healing mirror.

She currently offers two 200 hour individualized Internships, one in Professional Herbalism and one in Professional Aromatherapy. Both of these are advanced, self-directed clinical programs. They must be completed in 18 months. She also does classes in Albuquerque and consults with Healthcare practitioners and facilities that are establishing programs in Holistic Care.

She honors and is a proud follower of the "Herbal Life," a way of life that embraces the natural world and reminds us that change is inevitable, gives us hope, allows us to restore and then to re-emerge with new energy.
Insurance: Not applicate
Website: http://www.bodymindspiritpkace,com

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