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Holly Draper

Holly Draper

Holly Draper is a Certified Master Aromatherapist with a passion for the highest quality essential oils and products. She uses applied kinesiology to assess your body’s needs. She will create a custom blend(s) for your specific health concerns. She addresses the physical body, emotional body, energy body, and spirit. She is certified to work everything from physical ailments to emotional issues to the chakras & meridians. Balancing and working with the entire body as a whole. Holly has also formulated a line of skincare products that are chemical FREE (in that there are no synthetic, harsh, harmful, or toxic chemicals in them). They are 100% natural & organic – Only pure nutrition for your skin.


Holly is also an Herbologist, Energy Practitioner, and Advanced Kinesiologist. She loves alternative modalities!

City: Linden
Client Focus: Families, Consultations
Specialties: Aromatherapy Instructor, Formulator, Bath & Body Products, Applied Kinesiology, Pain Management, Holistic Aromatherapy
Credentials: Certified Aromatherapist, Formulator of Purify Skin Therapy with pure essential oils
Travel Distance: 20 Minutes from downtown Salt Lake City
Language: English
Treatment Approach: Certified Master Aromatherapist, Holly Draper, has formulated an ultra clean line of anti-aging skincare products with NO harsh, harmful, toxic, or synthetic chemicals at all. Her skincare line, Purify Skin Therapy, is so good for your skin! Many people notice a healthy change in their skin in 3-5 uses. Holly is an advocate of putting only health and healing things on your skin which is your body's largest organ, and no harmful or toxic chemicals. She also uses the highest quality pure organic essential oils in her products for their amazing benefits to the skin. Her premium essential oils are also available on www.purifyshintherapy.com

If you require a custom blend, Holly uses applied kinesiology to customize premium essential oils to exactly what your body needs. You can contact her at 801-810-8551 for a free consultation.
Insurance: None
Website: http://www.purifyskintherapy.com

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