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Linda Urban, RN, LMT, CCST, CCA

Linda Urban, RN, LMT, CCST, CCA

My passion, joy and life purpose have unfolded over the years in service to others by assisting them in reaching their greatest possible state of well-being through my career choices of nursing in healthcare and education (40 years), professional bodywork/massage (10 years) and other complementary therapy services ( 15 years).  Through my practice, “The Healing Partnership” I offer compassionate, integrative touch therapy modalities, including clinical aromatherapy. In addition to individual consultation for clinical aromatherapy services , I have provided education on aromatherapy to professional and non-professional groups.  Over the past 10 years I have also been providing complementary therapy services, including aromatherapy, to those in Hospice Care and their families and caregivers. In my own personal journey through loss and grief, I have gently surrendered to unwrapping the gifts hidden in those experiences that I may be more present with those in their end of life processes.          

City: Lakewood
Client Focus: Individual Integrated Touch Therapy, Education/Personal Blending of Essential Oils(Professionals/Nonprofessionals)
Specialties: Craniosacral Therapy/Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy Educator/Consultant, Hospice Care, Elder Care
Credentials: RN, LMT, CCST, CCA, Certified Reiki Practitioner
Cross Streets: Union and 2nd. Place, Lakewood, Colorado 80228
Travel Distance: Within State of Colorado for Aromatherapy Education/Consultation; my office for Integrative Touch Therapy
Language: English
Treatment Approach: The words of Rumi " Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field . . . I'll meet you there." have served as both a guide and challenge to Linda through the years. Combining craniosacral therapy with massage, intuitive bodywork, and aromatherapy she provides clients with a gentle, non-invasive and highly integrated approach to connecting with their own inner physician. She recognizes that empowering oneself to heal takes a commitment to creating a harmonious flow of energy within one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. It also is a process -- one that is individual and cannot be hurried. Her gift and passion in this work is the ability to create a "presence" with the client providing the optimum blend of services that support them in their own healing. She enjoys working with professional healthcare providers offering her services in customized training in aromatherapy services for the elders, the memory impaired and hospice patients and their families. She also has enjoyed conducting aromatherapy classes for the non-professional. Drawing from her nursing background she has experience in facility and program implementation in both urban and rural areas, as well as, policy and procedure development and compliance standards for federal, state and accrediting agencies.
Insurance: No insurance
Website: http://www.the-healing-partnership.com

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