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Luanne C. Anton

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Luanne has a Master of Science degree in Psychology and has worked as a Health Educator for over twenty years. She also works with individuals to teach them various relaxation techniques to successfully deal with such issues as panic attacks, pain relief, general anxiety reduction, and getting to sleep. Luanne has released two guided meditation CD’s. Her work and study in the field of Aromatherapy has led to several original essential oil blends that are designed to provide numerous benefits. Luanne is dedicated to helping others achieve their maximum in health, fitness and a holistic way of life.

City: Brigantine
Client Focus: consultation, adults, families, children, babies, teens, elders, professionals, students
Specialties: Aromatherapy Instructor/Products; Reiki Master; Meditation Instructor;General Wellness Education;Stress Reduction
Credentials: Master of Science Psychology, M.S.; Certified Practitioner in Clinical Aromatherapy; Reiki Master
Office Location: 1313 Quimet Road, Brigantine, NJ 08203
Cross Streets: Vardon Rd.
Travel Distance: Near Atlantic City, NJ; call or email for appointment; order products from website, mind-bodybalancing.vpweb.com
Language: English
Treatment Approach: As the founder of "Harmony Place" I am dedicated to helping others achieve harmony and balance in mind, body, and soul. With a strong background in health, fitness, education, and psychology I provide a holistic approach to various ailments an individual might be experiencing. I have created over fifty original Aromatherapy products that address numerous issues such as pain, stress reduction, infection, enhance concentration, spiritual connection and meditation, hormone imbalance, body and environment detoxification, bone and ligament healing, nausea, sinus congestion, anxiety, anger, headaches, reduce cravings, insomnia, and dry skin. I am available to provide group and individual training in meditation techniques, Reiki treatments, and Aromatherapy seminars. As a Reiki Master I also train and certify others in Reiki Levels I & II. I believe that anyone is able to make small improvements that are very valuable to their overall health and work with my clients based upon where they are and what they are ready to do. Please refer to my website www.mind-bodybalancing.vpweb.com for a complete list of products and services.
Insurance: None
Website: http://www.mind-bodybalancing.vpweb.com

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