By becoming a member of AIA, you have access to special research resources, networking opportunities locally and around the world with other aromatherapists, continuing aromatherapy education opportunities and biennial international aromatherapy conferences.


Member Categories and Dues
We have a number of categories designed to fit your needs. Click Here for a list of benefits for each category. You don’t have to be an aromatherapist to join.



Associate Member ($85) – Applicant has interest in the field of aromatherapy or is a student enrolled in an aromatherapy certification program. Please complete the Application for membership and submit.


Your may pay for your membership here or send it in with your application.


Our dues  have switched to calendar year expiration dates. This means the day you join, you will expire a year from that date! 


 Pay Associate fee of $85



Professional Member ($115) – Applicant has completed a minimum of 200 hours of documented and verifiable instruction in aromatherapy. Please complete the Application for membership and submit.


Or pay here now and complete the application which will be provided as a download. Submitting your application and educational documentation is required in order to complete processing your membership.



 Pay Professional fee of $115




Advanced Practitioner (Previously Clinical Member) ($145) – The applicant has completed 400 hours of documented and verifiable instruction in aromatherapy. The advanced practitioner candidate must complete a special application which is approved by the Board.  Learn about the Advanced Practitioner Member category.


Business Member – The applicant is a business directly associated with aromatherapy and has demonstrated support of the goals and objectives of AIA. Get details.


Honorary Member – The Board of Directors may designate or award honorary membership to an individual who’s contributions to AIA and the aromatherapy profession are worthy of recognition and reward. 


Call us if you have any questions: 1-877-531-6377 or in Colorado 303-531-6377.