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#4 - Conference Proceedings Manual
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S1  Aromatherapy in Cancer & Palliative Care in the UK - by Rhiannon Harris RGN MIFPA    

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This presentation will provide an update onthe current use of clinical aromatherapy in cancer and palliative care environments in Great Britain along with specific examples of interventions in areas such as chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, malodorous lesions, mouth care and the ue of aromastick inhalers for palliating a range of symptoms that affect quality of life.


S2  The Future of AIA, Aromatherapy and You - by Lora Cantele RA CMAIA CSRT AAS  

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Lora provides an in depth critique of the organizational nature of AIA, its purposes and dynamics. "I encourage you to explore with energy and commitment, dediction and courage, challenge and excitement, these new ways of being a vital part of the AIA. The AIA can become a leading international aromatherapy organization and a catalyst the publishing of new research for many more in generations to come. I look forward to exploring this road with you."


S3  Essential Oils of Australia - by Bill McGilvray 

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Note: The last 15 minutes of this recording were lost for unknown reasons.


While Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree oil are known, used, and recognized by aromatherapists worldwide, a useful resource exists with other essential oils from Australia. Even less well-known and underutilized are bioactive plant fractions (BPFs) of essentil oils These BPFs represent an opportunity to augment and complement the therapeutic characteristics of essential oils and also of mainstream pharmaceuticals.

How to best integrate further natural maerials such as these into health care? I contend that we, in the aromatherapy, essential oils and natural plant actives fields, can fuil our own desire to assist in wellness programs through: careful choice of properly validated materials; close attention to manner of administration of these plant actives; scrupulous adherence to factual data; and support of research projects which sho positive results in carefully chosen therapeutic situations. In the presentation, we will explore some of the possibilities, from an Australian perspective.


S4 - Part 1 and Part 2 (2 CD set) Essential Oils and the Human Body - by Raphael d'Angelo, M.D.  

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In a multimedia presentation, I will review the major systems of the human body as it applies to the aromatherapist/natural healing practitioners. In the context of a discussion of each system's anatomy, physiology and adaptation strengths and weaknesses, we will discover how essential oils, carrier oils and hydrolats can support health and correct specific conditions of dysfunction and disease. Instruction will be provided in merging other natural therapies to complement aromatherapy. A resource workbook for everyday reference will be provided for those who attend.


S5  Clinical Research Study: Using Aromatherapy for Anxiety and Depression in High-Risk Post Partum Mothers - by Pam Conrad RN, BSN, PGd, CCAP  

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The findings of a clincial aromatherapy research study of 30 high risk postpartum women will be presented. Inclusion in the study required signed consent, absences of medical contraindications and completion of two standardized tools evaluation anxiety and depression. The scores determined high risk and inclusion. The aromatheapy treatment women continued traditional medical care and were randomized to inhalation or m'techniqueTM bilateral hand tratments with the same 2% blend twice weekley for 4 consecutive weeks. The control group continued traditional medical care without aromatherapy treatments. All groups completed the same standardized tools midway and at the end of the four weeks to note any changes in the scores.


S6  Demystifying Essential Oil Chemistry - by Howard Freund PhD 

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There is a universal fear of learning chemistry. This is evident when aromatherapy students often fail to do well when it come time to take their certification exams. The reasons for this are many; among them are glaring gaps in basic scientific knowledge, lack of a systematic approach to teaching the subject, lack of teacher knowledge, especially in aromatherapy class settings and lack of appreciation fo the subject matter. Many aromatherapy teachers are ill prepared to teach the subject and do not know how to access valuable resources. In this lecture we will provide some helpful guidelines and ways to make the subject more accessible and enjoyable to all who find themselves teaching and studyng the chemistry of essential oils..


S7  Transforming Terrain: Essential Oils for Uncovering Your Client's True Nature - by Katharine Koeppen RA LMT NCTMB   $12.00   Buy Now


Attendees will:

  • Be introduced to the Europen concept of terrain.
  • Understand why terrain should be considered when successfully blending for psychological and/or spiritual purposes.
  • Be able to give basic personality, character, archetypal and psycho-spiritual associations for at least 3 featured essential oils.
  • Become familiar with at least 3 essential oils that deal specifically with the theme of transforming the deep psyche and uncovering in individual's true essence during times of turbulent change.


S8  Aromatherapy Trends in Spa and Skin Care - by Kris Wrede 

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I had been working over the past year with an integrative plastic surgeon, R. Daniel Ronel of Sante Fe, who this lecture is dedicated to. He unfortunately died in a car accident this spring. I thnk him so much for having faith in the power of esential oils and giving me the opportunity to use the oils on his clients for pre and post surgery blends. Some of the case studies are his patients, and a few are my clients that I have made scar blends for. I originally had some trepidation about the intensity of the scare that I had seen with the surgery patients. I also found tht many patients wanted a "quick fix" and were not so willing to put on the scar blend 2 to 3 times a day. This is absolutely essential if you want to see results.


S9  Business Stuff - It's Not that Hard - by Bev Day MBA CFE RA 

$12.00 Including Handout  Buy Now


Participants will:

  • Gain an appreciation for the importance of formally setting up their business.
  • Learn how to prorect their business and personal assets.
  • Understand the key factors in running a successful business,and
  • Achieve an understanding of dynamic record keeping.



S10  Healing Transformation & Creative Expression - by Sharon Tessier, MA MS  $12.00 Including Handout  Buy Now


Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of at least three ways humans access knowledge. This includes emphasizing epistemologies of the heart and intellect as ways of knowing.
  •  Discover how aromatherapy may be used to access intuition and creativity.
  •  Learn how positive psychology can create positive paradigm shifts.
  •  Actively participate in a hands-on creative process while using essential oils.


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