AIA Becomes “Contributing Producer” for Aromatherapy Documentary – Uncommon Scents

AIA Becomes “Contributing Producer” for Aromatherapy Documentary – Uncommon Scents


Uncommon Scents Thanks AIA

The world of aromatherapy is a complex one. There are everything from home users who use essential oils through oral traditions, people who self-study, and others that receive formal training to understand the chemical makeup and actions of essential oils. Aromatherapy pioneers such as Robert Tisserand, Sylla Shepherd-Hanger, Jeanne Rose, Colleen Dodt, and Marge Clark have been studying the art and science of aromatherapy for 30-40+ years. Millions are just beginning to study aromatherapy.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have made the sharing of information about essential oils easier than ever. Aromatherapy pioneers generously contribute to the discussion and provide valuable insight.

While there is a vast amount of information about aromatherapy available online, it is not all reliable, and in many cases is misleading, incorrect, or dangerous. This range of information has set up a divide in the aromatherapy community and caused finger-pointing and leaves many scratching their heads to find a way to bring the aromatherapy community together to move forward united with a common goal of sharing sound information to make responsible aromatherapy available to as many as possible.

Two women seek to tell the story of aromatherapy and to contribute to uniting the aromatherapy community. Executive producers and trained aromatherapists, Angela Jensen Ehmke and Kristina Bauer, debuted their idea for the full-featured aromatherapy documentary, Uncommon Scents, at the 2015 AIA conference. Since then they have been working tirelessly to vet interviewees and raise funds to make their dream a reality.

While many have a narrow view of aromatherapy based on where they live, Uncommon Scents aims to share a global perspective as has never been done before. They will travel around the world to tell the story of aromatherapy that has been missing up to this point. Interviewees so far include Patricia Brooks, Andrea Butje, Lora Cantele, Marge Clark, Dorene Petersen, Ann Harman, Nyssa Hanger, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Ixchel Leigh, Rhiannon Lewis, Gabriel Mojay, Dr. Robert Pappas, Jade Shutes, Robert Tisserand, and Mark Webb.

The film will tackle topics such as aromatherapy history, chemistry, applications, safety, adulteration sustainability, as well as concerns about the marketing and monetization of essential oils. They will share insights about threats and controversies facing the industry and community including challenges surrounding regulation, licensing, and education. They will also talk about why protecting essential oil sources and reducing risk are key to aromatherapy’s future.

AIA recognizes this as an important documentary for the aromatic world. This film must be made. AIA has made a contribution and will be listed as a Contributing Producer of the film. Now it’s your turn! Every penny counts and Uncommon Scents has until February 18th to raise enough funds ($60,000) to begin production.

You can contribute as little or as much as you’d like. Many perks such as aromatherapy books, classes, and essential oils are available to entice you to give at a level you are comfortable with. What’s the next bottle of essential oil or next aromatherapy book you were thinking of buying? Why not wait a little longer and contribute to this film instead. The entire aromatherapy world will thank you!

Learn more about the film and donate at Indiegogo.

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Kellen Miranda Sá - Monday, April 30, 2018

Sou farmacêutica da Universidade Federal do Ceará e trabalho no Horto de Plantas medicinais Francisco José de Abreu Matos. O referido professor, já falecido, realizou estudos fitoquímicos sobre as plantas medicinais do Nordeste do Brasil, desde a década de 70, tendo contribuído muito para o estudo fitoquímico, juntamente com o químico e também professor Afrânio Craveiro. Atendo pacientes em fitoterapia e aromaterapia na mesma instituição, visando a utilização racional e científica dessas duas terapias complementares em saúde, conforme a Política Nacional de Práticas Integrativas e Complementares do Ministério da Saúde. Realmente tenho visto o crescimento da aromaterapia através da internet com notícias irreais e que colocam em risco a saúde da população. Eu acho a iniciativa do filme de suma importância para a validação científica da aromaterapia no mundo. Coloco-me à disposição. [email protected]

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