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Course Fusion AromaTherapy™ for the Sick and Dying Aromatics for optimal well being in Cancer Care and Palliative Care
Thursday, October 18, 2018, 9:00 AM to Sunday, October 21, 2018, 5:00 PM PDT
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For professionals in health care.

In Lynnwood (near Seattle) USA, October 18th – 21st
With expert teacher Madeleine Kerkhof

  • Are you a professional in health care, looking for specialist knowledge on Aromatherapy?
  • Are you already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy?
  • Are you keen on adding quality of life to patients in cancer care and in palliative care?
  • Do you wish to help patients cope with their illness in a holistic way?
  • Are you looking for aromatic ways to support those suffering from symptoms such as nausea, pain, skin problems, shortness of breath, mouth issues or other digestive problems?
  • Would you like to learn which essential oils and CO2 extracts could relieve anxiety, stress and other signs of emotional and spiritual turmoil patients and their loved ones (and you) can go through?
  • Are you looking for the ideal combination of state of the art knowledge, discussing cases and gaining practical skills?
  • Are you willing to give yourself and your clients / patients this gift of intensive studies that will contribute to your practise?
  • Would you like to learn from one of the world’s leading aromatherapy educators Madeleine Kerkhof?

If your answer is a definite ‘yes’, I will be very happy to see you at my intensive course in Seattle in October this year, organized by Cynthia Tan.

These 4 days of Fusion AromaTherapy™ offers you the very best of aromatics – conventional essential oils and CO2 extracts – to improve quality of life for cancer patients and those in palliative care as well as quality of dying for patients at the last stages of life and their loved ones.

Day 1: Fusion AromaTherapy™ for skin-  and wound care

Skin care in optima forma. We take a closer look at different skin issues is palliative stages, such as optimum care for the compromised skin, wounds and wound care, bed sores, itching, etc. Learn which base oils and other basic compounds are (proven) effective and which essential oils and CO2 extracts can be used to relieve symptoms and help the healing process of scars and wounds, or alleviate symptoms significantly, when curative treatment is no longer an option.

Day 2: Fusion AromaTherapy™ for pain

The pain model of Loeser is our guide in this in-depth class where we pay attention to all dimensions of pain and which essential oils and base oils can be beneficial. You will also learn about the important role CO2 extracts can play in combating pain.

Day 3: More symptom relief in oncology and palliative care with Fusion AromaTherapy™

Oncology patients and patients in palliative and terminal stages often suffer from symptoms that can have a detrimental effect on their quality of life. Think of nausea, mouth problems, dyspnoea, abdominal complaints or constipation. For people receiving curative treatment who are on meds such as chemotherapy end/or steroids, your choices could be slightly different than for those in palliative stages, where the aim is maximum symptom relief rather than aggressive approaches.

In this intensive day we look at essential oils that have proven to be most effective for a variety of important symptoms and how to use them.

Day 4: Fusion AromaTherapy™  addressing emotional and spiritual well being for the ill and dying

When confronted with a life threatening and/or life shortening illness people often feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Their lives will never be really the same again. Many suffer from anxiety, feelings of depression or even despair and often sleep disorders. Intensive treatments, increasing weakness, or loss of independence or dignity can have a major impact on patients and their relatives. Depending on their individual personality and perception of their own meaning-of-life many people start asking themselves questions. These questions may vary from “why me?” Some people wonder what the meaning of their existence is or will have been, or why they are being “punished”. This last day of the course is devoted to the most beautiful essential oils and CO2 extracts that can be of great benefit for those in search of balance and emotional and spiritual well being.

General information:

All classes are open to nurses and other professionals with a classical (nurses or medical) background, as well as aromatherapists or complementary therapists, provided you speak English and have basic aromatherapy knowledge and skills.


Embassy Suites Lynnwood
44th Ave West
20610, Lynnwood (near Seattle) WA

Course fee

USD 899,00 p/p

Early birds discount

Early bird rate USD 795,00 p/p. Early bird period end at February 28th, so don’t hesitate too long, because we believe this class will be fully booked in no time.

Booking and payment

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Please contact the organizer Cynthia Tam at [email protected] for details.

Contact: Cynthia Tamlyn [email protected]