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AIA Representatives are available to serve you. They can help you with questions about AIA and membership. Representatives also have educational programs about aromatherapy and AIA. We invite you to attend these programs. Please visit our events page to learn of upcoming programs.

Positions are available at the state and regional levels. If you are interested in becoming an AIA Representative please contact the office.


Guidelines for AIA Regional Representative.
Guidelines for AIA State Representative.

Application  to be an AIA Representative.

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Email Stephanie Veilleux-Welch

Stephanie Veilleux-Welch, CA
National Representative
Brunswick, Maine
Stephanie Veilleux-Welch is a Certified Aromatherapist.  As with most Aromatherapist her education and training is ever-growing through classes, workshops, conferences and more. Stephanie is also in the process of creating her own Aromatherapy Consulting Business Peace Be the Journey Aromatherapy where she will help to strengthen Aromatherapy as a respected complimentary medicine.



“ I was first introduced to the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils about 10 years ago and have been in love with them ever since. At first it was just a new tool in my first aid kit but as time went on I found my life being surrounded and healed through mind body and soul with essential oils. After the arrival of my first born, Aromatherapy became a passion due to its sweet gentle nature and I could not get enough information. Since then I have been studying and becoming an active member of the Aromatherapy world.


My personal vision is to make Holistic Aromatherapy wellness available to all and to share with the world the great respect essential oils deserve, as these powerful medicinal plant extracts. With this goal comes the great responsibility of educating friends, family, clients, and the public on the importance of safety and use.


I am honored to be an active part of the AIA Team, and share in the vision of ‘Moving Aromatherapy Forward with Vision and Action’. Peace be the journey!”









Email Rodney Schwan


Rodney Schwan
Pacific Region Representative
San Diego, California
Rodney Schwan holds diplomas from the International Academy of Holistic Studies Aroma Genera Diplomat (London); Well Being Institute and has been a CA state licensed Esthetician for over 20 years. He is on the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Research Committee and is a recognized specialist in the fields of medical and spa aromatherapy.Mr. Schwan is best known for developing a model for medical aromatherapy through the Institute of Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice. Rodney oversees a medical pharmacy and education program treating over 6000 patients yearly. He also is a consulting aromatherapist for several medical, elderly care centers as well as leading spa companies world wide. Rodney Schwan is the owner of Aromatherapy Institute and Spa in San Diego, California.







Email Nancy Graves

Nancy C. Graves, MBA, CA, HHC
Mountain Region Representative
Littleton, Colorado
Nancy Graves has been studying a variety of healing arts for over 15 years. With a Bachelors of Science from Penn State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University, she brings forth both a scientific and business perspective to her services for AIA. She is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master Instructor. Her career experience includes Operations Management and Analysis, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance.








Email Nancy d'Angelo

Nancy L. d'Angelo, CA
Colorado State Representative
Aurora, Colorado
Nancy is a clinical aromatherapist, and an essential oils formulator and blending expert. She owns and operates Julia Rose Botanicals, LLC, and provides expert essential oils guidance and education for those in the community and in the aromatherapy industry.













Email Jodi Baglien

Jodi Baglien
Midwest Region Representative
Osseo, Minnesota
Jodi Baglien is certified in Clinical Aromatherapy through Australasian Herbal College, (2002), in Shiatsu Therapy from CenterPoint Shiatsu School in Minneapolis, (2006) combined with a 20+ years of classes and in depth training in Spirituality and Healing.

Jodi’s business - Inner Scents, is a blend of - Healing Services Shiatsu integrated with essential oil treatments from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, Inner Scents oils – professional quality essential blends sold online and in Holistic Clinics in the Twin Cities area, and workshops and classes.

Jodi shares her passion for healing with essential oils by teaching Aromatherapy through Integrative Health and Healing programs with local Community Colleges and directly to practitioners. Her focus is to teach the skills necessary to confidently and safely integrate essential oil treatments into your care plan for clients, family and self care.

Jodi believes in inspiring others to find joy and balance in their lives, and to take responsibility for their own health.











Email Ann Marie Martin


Ann Marie Martin, RN, MSN, CMAIA
Illinois State Representative
Libertyville, Illinois
Ann Marie Martin has a Clinical Membership with the AIA and a Professional Membership with NAHA. She received her aromatherapy certification with Valerie Cooksley R. N. of the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy and continued her studies at the Aromahead Institute with Andrea Butje, in France and New York with Rhiannon Harris, and several other fantastic aromatherapists. She has taken classes in skin care product making with Joan Morais in California and is now studying herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar. Her holistic approach is science and research based but she also enjoys the energetic intuitive qualities of using essential oils. Her website, which is in progress, is where she plans to focus on teaching aromatherapy, skin and bath care product making, soap making, among other classes all with the safe usage of essential oils. 


AIA has been a tremendous resource for me ever since I attended the AIA Conference of 2009! I have made so many connections, and it has helped launch me on this wonderful fragrant journey. Now I’m in a position where I want to teach everything I know to anyone who wants to learn or listen! Hence, becoming an AIA Illinois State Rep. My goal is to meet AIA members and new members of like mind to share what we know. My vision is to have regular AIA gatherings in Illinois to share aromatherapy information.








Email Sally Kingman Harvey

Sally Kingman Harvey
Northeast Region Representative
Wrightsville, PA
In 2010, I retired from teaching elementary school after twenty-five years. I have been on a life long journey of discovery toward a life of healthy whole-living. My undergraduate degree is in Comparative Religion, as part of that education I travelled to India, studying at the University of Mysora and at an Ashram where I studied Yoga and Ayruveda. I then earned a Masters Degree in Elementary Education afterwhich I joined the Peace Corps and served in the Central African Republic teaching Health Education to teachers. During my years teaching here in the States my studies in this field continued until upon retirement I returned to school and became a licensed massage therapist. Essential oils have been a compelling interest of mine for twenty odd years, at this stage in my life I have the great fortune to be able to continue my education in this field and hope to be able to share such knowledge and joy with others.


PB bio photo






Email Patricia Bonnard

Patricia J. Bonnard, PhD, RA
Maryland State Representative
Bethesda, Maryland
Patricia is a registered aromatherapist and Reiki Master. She designs aromatherapy products for energy work, teaches integrated healing and educates the public about aromatherapy and energy healing. Patricia holds a PhD in Agriculture and Natural Resource Economics. She has worked extensively in Africa, Latin America and Asia on poverty alleviation, economic empowerment of small-scale farmers and famine early warning. She has special interests in: 1) developing opportunities for small-scale producers of aromatics, medicinals and natural products, and 2) aromatherapy for stress reduction of relief workers and people directly affected by disasters.








Email Paula Begel

Paula Schmid Begel, LMT, NCBTMB, PTA
New York State Representative
Cicero, New York
Life is a journey. We never learn all there is to learn, we never fully arrive. Our desires and passions and interests push us to new levels of education and experience.

I fell in love with essential oils in 2005 when a friend introduced me to them. I am extremely grateful for that time because I found that information was what was missing from my life. It greatly improved my personal life as well as my clients. That excitement led me to reconnect with Andrea Butje, which led to Rhiannon Lewis; which leads me here today.

I am excited to share and network and build a group of aromatherapists to open ways of discussion and help others along the way. I have 22 years’ experience as a Physical Therapist Asst, 18 years as a licensed massage therapist; and 8 years a certified holistic aromatherapist. In addition my experience includes 30 years as a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor (retired). I still continue training and teaching the martial arts; 5th degree black belt: Sensei. My blending seems to be most for this population! I recently added yoga and Qi-Gong to the mix.

I am looking forward to supporting the AIA through networking and all the education and potential that lie ahead for us. I would like to bring to the AIA community all that I have learned and excited to share with others all of our combined skill and knowledge. It is humbling to be in an arena with such profound minds and leaders in the aromatherapy field from all over the world!

I think if we work together with honesty and integrity, and being confident in our skills and knowledge; we can change the industry. We can reach out to those who don't know what we do in a positive and professional manner. We have each other and many great leaders and research to support what we do. Let's Move ahead in 2014 with a positive outlook.














Email Amy Lechner


Amy Lechner ND, Certified Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach
Pennsylvania State Representative
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Amy Lechner has 13 years of experience in assisting people on their personal journey to health and wellness.  She has worked with essential oils creating blends and has a business where she makes essential oils blends for specific therapeutic purposes.  Essential oils are a part of her everyday life and she enjoys sharing the benefits and uses of essential oils.  Amy is very committed to the education of aromatherapists and essential oil usage.  She has a strong passion for essential oils and desire to help others learn the safe and effective way to use essential oils. She attends workshops and educational events to stay current.  Amy makes essential oil blends to help with both physical ailments and emotional support and incorporates aromatherapy into Reiki treatments to help promote a more relaxing experience.  










Email Marilyn Addison


Marilyn Addison, BA, CA, RA
Atlantic Region Representative
Charlotte, North Carolina
Marilyn, founder of Spiritual Blends, experience and love of essential oils is thirty years in the making. A devastating automobile accident resulted in serious injuries and multiple surgeries; to ease and relieve her discomfort she used natural remedies. Essential oils help her considerably during her twenty-five years as a leader in the financial industry. In 2007, Marilyn decided to formerly pursue her passion and attended the American College of Health Sciences where she became a Certified Aromatherapist and received the title of Registered Aromatherapist (RA) from the Aromatherapy Registration Council. She is also a Certified Chakra Clearing Practitioner. Marilyn is a member of the Total Business Wellness Alliance Group (Charlotte, NC) that provides educational, networking and community service opportunities.

As the Atlantic Regional Representative for AIA, my goal is to provide leadership to via monthly tele-conferences and other channels to communicate important information (e.g. meetings, electronic mail) with a commitment to building collaborative relationships. I would also like to introduce other CAM practitioners to the benefit of becoming a member of AIA. I believe the journey to health and wellness is not a solitary one, but a spiritual blend.









Email Mary Ellen Dorey

Mary Ellen Dorey, RA
Texas State Representative
Plano, Texas
Mary Ellen Dorey, Natural Perfumer and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist founded Dorey AromaTherapy in 2009 with WellCare and BodyCare products . As a natural branch of aromatherapy, Mary Ellen studied Natural Perfumery and launched True by Dorey Perfume as a line of all natural elegant and sensual perfumes.
Mary Ellen also conducts individual consultations to create custom formulations for clients as well as two unique reflexology treatments, Ayurvedic and European styles, incorporating her essential oil blends.


Mary Ellen worked for many years in technical product development in the retail industry and holds degrees in Textile Technology and Fashion Design as well as Certificates in Management, Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Natural Perfumery.  She is a Registered Aromatherapist through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) and is Secretary of the Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce.






Email Sheryl Beller-Kenner


Sheryl Beller-Kenner, Ed.D, CH, CAHP, RCRT, Naturopath
Eastern Canada Representative
Montreal, Quebec
Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”, Sheryl began her naturopathic journey by learning about the gifts of the plants, at first, from the plants themselves. Over time, she has supplemented this knowledge by having completed professional certification programs in herbology, aromatherapy and reflexology and by having taken various courses in many other types of energy work from various places in order to develop a well-rounded approach to complementary health care.

For over 30 years, she has been involved in teaching and teacher training, to people of all ages and in various subjects. In addition to running her private practice, BelArôme Natural Health Centre, she currently offers introductory and professional certification courses and various workshops in aromatherapy, herbology and reflexology in and around Montreal. She is constantly working to provide educational opportunities for people in the community to learn about how complementary health care can benefit their lives. Her current areas of special interest and research are women’s and seniors’ issues in health care. These are some of the many ways in which she enjoys sharing the secrets of the plants with others.

When not involved in her professional work, you can find Sheryl in her garden, tending to all of those plants that others pulled out of theirs and that, over the years, she has found growing in cracks on the sidewalk and in uninhabited places. In the belief that “If you listen, they will teach you”, there is no plant too scraggly or small or large to find a home in her garden. Let Sheryl teach you what she has learned.








0044 1773 6090840044 1773 609084
Email Anita James


Anita James
England Representative
Somercotes, Derbyshire
Anita is a clinical aromatherapist and holistic practitioner and owner of Essentially Holistic based in Derbyshire, England. She has been an aromatherapist for over 10 years. She changed career and retrained after a series of major life changes. Her passion is working with young children and families using a mixture or aromatherapy, massage and nutritional advice to help overcome behavioural issues. She teaches aromatherapy both in the United Kingdom and abroad and has spoken at international conferences about her work.

Anita was so impressed by the membership and the running of the AIA when attending their conference that she felt honoured when asked to become the United Kingdom representative. “I feel that there is a need for all holistic therapists no matter where they are in the world to work together to progress this wonderful therapy”.







Email Gergely Hollódi

Gergely Hollódi, LMP, Certified Aromatherapist
Central-Eastern Europe Representative
Budapest, Hungary
Gergely holds an BA in English teaching and after a 12-year long period spent in the advertising-marketing world decided to change his life and started his journey in the field of healing. Gergely has graduated from Cortiva Institute Seattle School of Massage and is a nationally certified (NCTMB) and Washington state licensed massage therapist. He completed the Masters Apprenticeship program with The East-West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies (EWSHAS) in Seattle. He is professional member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA). He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary where he practices massage as a certified therapeutic massage therapist and offers aromatherapy courses to the public. He is currently studying alternative medicine and plans to become a phytoherapist.


'I have a passion towards massage and aromatherapy. I am committed to help my clients with massage for stress reduction, treatment of and rehab form common injuries, relaxation, and discomfort associated with everyday activities. My massage and aromatherapy practice is grounded in the union of East-West healing traditions. I approach healing with healthy curiosity and invite my clients do the same.



*In answer to the question of what countries are referred to in the Central-Eastern Europe:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzeqovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria.


Guidelines for AIA Regional Representative
Guidelines for AIA State Representative

Application to be an AIA Representative

To apply to be an International Representative,
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