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October Webinar Scheduled for October 16, 2019, 6:30pm-7:30pm MDT

Essential Oils and Chakras with Virginia Joy Musacchio

Chakras are an integral part of our wellbeing.  Often working with our energetic system assist us tremendously with emotional and physical wellbeing.  In this webinar, V. Joy will discuss the 7 chakras, how they affect is emotionally and physically and what essential oils and extracts can help retain a sense of energetic homeostasis. 

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AIA Seeks to Help Artisan Distillers of Essential Oils with a Support Program

AIA is raising money for the artisan distillers of essential oil with a support program. The funds from this program will be used to support small essential oil producers by providing funding for them to exhibit at our conferences and to raise awareness for their work. Select from Mary Lake Thompson Tea Towels (16 botanical designs) and Botanical Interests Seed Packet Collections (10 seed collections). 

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2019 AIA International Conference

Thanks to everyone who participated in the AIA International Conference in Minneapolis, MN.


Dusek - Aroma Keynote 09.28.19

Leadership Message - September 2019

Dear Members, 

It is hard to believe fall is here, school has started and the the leaves are beginning to change colors and drift to the ground. I hope your summer was fun, relaxing and enjoyable.  

We at AIA, are in the thick of the details in getting ready for our awesome conference. I hope you have registered and we will see you in a few weeks. You will have the opportunity to learn so much from our informative speakers. 

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