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President's Letter

AIA Summer President's Letter

Summer President’s Letter


You may notice this letter is not titled with a month, but with a season. Our AIA Executive Committee (President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer) discussed how many of our committees are working on larger projects which are not finished in a month. Plus, our social media is working hard to keep everyone informed of webinars and representative meetings that are open to the entire membership. So, instead of small tidbits of information each month, we agreed it might be more worth everyone’s time to send out quarterly letters outlining what everyone is up to. We ran this idea by the board, and all agreed this was a reasonable plan.

The AIA print journal arrived, hooray! While I currently read most things online, I treasure the look and feel of a hardcopy journal. Crystal Brothers, our editor, created an outstanding print journal and we are immensely grateful for her! This journal contains a broad range of topics and deep information. If you haven’t already had a chance, enjoy reading about current research, sustainability, running a successful business, aromatherapy careers to consider, engaging online learners, essential oils safety considerations, and management of ailments for not only humans but also a horse. Take note of our business members, recognized schools, and representatives - all these lists continue growing. Enjoy creating a personal blend with one of the formulations provided. We thank all who contributed to Aromatics in Action, Vol. 5, Issue 2!

Keep in mind that we store previous journals if you wish to refer back to them. If you would like to write an article or advertise in the journal, you will find that information in the same location - our members-only section. Simply click on Profile to log in and select “Members Only” on the top right of the menu after “Join Us”. Every AIA Journal has a specific theme while including other interesting current topics. The theme for our December journal is Spicy Aromatics. Thanks to your feedback in the survey, we know that almost every member who responded definitely appreciates our journal.

Regarding our survey, we thank all who responded. Congratulations to Deby Atterby (one of our Australian Reps), who was the lucky winner in our $150 drawing! The AIA Board, Representatives, and each AIA Committee are currently combing through the survey responses with the goal to have action plans created by September. Thank you again for your amazing feedback and stay tuned!

Our website continues to improve based on your feedback and the constant updating by Carla Pearson, our office manager. Please be aware that one piece of information that did not transfer to the new system is the auto-renewal of your membership so you will need to manually renew. We are sorry for that inconvenience. Carla is now working diligently on our Learning Management System. Thank you again for your understanding and support as we continue transitioning.

Speaking of transitions, we have several positions open for the 2023 - 2025 Board of Directors. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone for Vice President, Treasurer, or Director, contact our Nominations Committee Chair, Nancy Lubin, at nominations@alliance-aromatherapists.org. Completed nomination forms must be submitted no later than August 31, 2022.

In addition to the Board of Directors, our Representatives and Committees continue to contribute to the value of the organization. We definitely need and appreciate your help. While several committees are robust, others would welcome more volunteers. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it because it’s true, you get more than you give when you volunteer for this organization. Our members who are involved clearly realize the value and have fun, while building relationships. We will benefit by adding more members on the Membership and Nominations, Media, Conference, and Business Committees. If one of these committees is calling out to you, please fill out the Volunteer Application and email the committee.

The following is an update on some of the projects our committees are currently working on in addition to the survey results:

       Business/Fundraising Committee: Members of this committee have run successful businesses and plan to share what they have learned from current research and their own experience. The committee has been busy in its first few months! They created a Facebook page for members which will include a business tip of the week. They also will ask questions that will help them create content for educational webinars designed to help aromatherapists start or grow their business. Feel free to join the FB group. If you already own a business and wish to share your expertise with others, comment on the posts or join the AIA Business Committee.

       Clinical Committee: The Pediatric Clinical Aromatherapy Guidelines for Health Professionals are posted in the Members Resources and the committee is currently working on the Pediatric Non-Clinical Guidelines.

       Conference Committee: This committee is chaired by Amanda Lattin and the news is exciting! We plan to host two conferences in the next two years. We found through our survey that members who responded are split evenly between those who appreciate online conferences (for so many reasons) and in-person conferences (including all the things people have missed over the past few years).

       We plan to have an in-person conference September 2024. The Board discussed potential locations and Carla (our office manager) is researching those locations. Details to follow.

       Our next conference will be a two-day virtual conference March 31 & April 1, 2023. The Conference Committee planned a unique format and the schedule will focus on Research, Safety, Regulation, and Application. Presentations will range from 20-minute updates to longer intensive sessions.

       Watch for a Call for Submissions. Details will be via email & social media. For questions, contact conference@alliance-aromatherapists.org.

       Education Committee: We’ve had an amazing lineup of webinars organized and hosted by our Education Committee. In July, Ann Harman discussed “Best Practices: Using Your Hydrolats in Your Practice”. Kelly Ablard presented “How Aromatic Plants and Animals Talk to Each Other” in June. In May, Robin Kessler shared “Frankincense Resins - How to Use and Incorporate into your Aromatherapy Practice”.  If you missed these, access them through the Webinar Member Playback Archives. Donna Audia and Michelle Cohen will discuss aromatherapy guidelines in a clinical setting on our August 17th webinar.

       Media Committee: This committee has the pulse on everything happening in AIA and regularly shares this information with our social media company. They review posts for accuracy and approve them. Our social media company posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. One way you can help our posts reach more people is to like, share, and reply to them. We would love your support!

       Membership/Nominations: This is a dynamic and innovative committee. If you have ideas about additional perks and programs to support our membership, this is the committee for you.

       Research Committee: Check out the Quarter 2 Article Reviews on the Research Webpage. This page includes the entire Research Database as well as information on creating a poster and the AIA Research Grant. The committee regularly posts on the AIA Journal and Research Facebook group.

Again, we would appreciate more contributors to our Membership and Nominations, Media, Conference, and Business Committees. Please consider joining our amazing volunteer community.

I have the honor of attending our Representative meetings and am continually awe-struck by this group. They are our personal connection to AIA and the heart of the organization. Recent meetings included international speakers sharing their perspectives about topics such as “Demystifying the GC/MS Analysis” and “Healing Spirit and Soul”, a real-time demonstration on “How to Make a Lymphatic Support Solid Lotion Bar”, Meet and Greets, and Journal and Book Clubs. Representatives also host local in-person meetings. Minnesota’s July meeting highlighted growing and harvesting lavender in MN. I hope you’ve set aside time to attend our fantastic Rep meetings. If you don’t see a representative for your state, region, or country, we would love for you to join the Reps. Fill out the Volunteer Application and contact Mary Ellen Dorey, our fabulous global rep.

A high priority of AIA’s volunteers and staff is balance. Summer sometimes feels like a whirlwind! I attended & presented at the American Holistic Nurses Association conference and then headed to France to work with the Gattefossé Foundation (check out the pictures of the GF’s gardens). Within two weeks of returning home from France, we hosted our daughter’s wedding at our cabin. During this important and demanding work, I took time to literally stop and smell the roses, lavender, or rosemary. I’ve enjoyed time with family and friends. I hope that you also are creating time to relax, renew, and enjoy.

With Love & Gratitude,


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