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The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), is a non-profit professional membership organization for aromatherapists, holistic healthcare professionals and aromatherapy enthusiasts.


AIA promotes the education of aromatherapists, healthcare professionals and the public in all aspects of aromatherapy.


AIA’s members include aromatherapy professionals, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurses, reflexologists, massage therapists, Reiki Masters, other health care practitioners, students, and corporate members who collectively strive to advance the profession of aromatherapy and to serve the public.


Meet the Candidates!

Join us for Meet the Candidates!
On November 9, 2016  we will hold a meeting via teleconference to provide you a chance to meet the candidates for the Board of Directors and have the opportunity to ask them questions.

** Your membership must be current in order to receive the call- in information! ** 


Candidate Bios & Why They Are Running For Office – Make your vote count! Read up of who is running for office so you can make an educated choice. Your voice matters to us!

Please email the office at or check your emails for an Official Proxy Form.


 Participate in a Hospital Survey!

We’re looking for participants for a very important hospital survey.  Interested?  Click here.