Essential oil therapy is a scientifically proven healing modality that should be accessible to everyone. The AIA, through its Research Committee continues to evaluate scientific research to expand our understanding of essential oil therapy and its effect on mind, body and spirit. The AIA has established educational guidelines in various levels of aromatherapy education to ensure the professional training in the responsible use of essential oil therapy. Through standardizing aromatherapy education and qualifying criteria in North America we create a foundation of professionalism so that aromatherapy practitioners are equipped to integrate with the medical community.

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The AIA...

...provides education to the public using scientific-based research and traditional information.

...promotes responsible use of aromatherapy.

...inspire excellence in educational standards for aromatherapy training.

...serves as a leading resource for evidence-based aromatherapy research for medical and wellness care professionals.

...serves as a resource for the furtherance of professional education and interconnection of serious practitioners of aromatherapy.

...serve the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry, and the media.