Dear Members,

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe just how quickly my first year as president of AIA has flown by.  

Elections were last month and we are excited to announce our new board members: Vice President, Paula Begel; returning treasurer, Carol Scheidel; returning Director, Denise Joswiack, and new Directors  Venessa Levin and David Kropp.  Please reach out and welcome these new and re-elected board members.  Our hard working returning board members include our secretary, Jennifer Eden Clark; and Directors Nyssa Hanger, Nancy Lubin, and Colleen Thompson, as well as me as your President.  I would also, encourage you to reach out and thank our board members Anita James (Vice President and acting AIAJ Editor) and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and Michelle Bardwell (Directors) as they leave our service at the end of the month. Last, but not least, our Executive Director, Lora Cantele remains to assist our organization.  All of our board members put in countless hours work on your behalf to make a better organization.  It takes many hands working long hours behind the scenes to run a top notch organization, such as AIA .  

We are pleased to announce our new Journal Editor is Lisa Browder. Lisa comes to us as an experienced copy editor. She worked for a Las Vegas newspaper and was engaged as a proof reader for all documents of the Nathan Adelson Hospice. Lisa is not only a member of AIA, but also our Nevada representative. She has just retired and has plenty of time and energy to devote to Aromatics in Action, Journal of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.  So, please welcome Lisa to our family of hard workers on behalf of AIA! 

Danielle Sade was our November webinar speaker. It was great to hear Danielle and what she had to share with us concerning tapping into your body’s biological clock and using essential oils in skin care products. It is so wonderful that we have such talented people within our membership that are willing to share and help all of us learn and expand our knowledge. Our December webinar is going to be different as we are having a recipe sharing party.  So dust off your favorites recipes that you are willing to share and come prepared. It will be a great time of sharing culinary and medicinal recipes using essential oils. Our goal is to put together a book of all the recipes after the webinar to share with all of our participants. Make sure you save the date for Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 MST.

2018 has been a very productive year for AIA. We have introduced many new member benefits; The 'Find an Aromatherapist' search engine has been expanded to include our Professional members for free, educational webinars we replaced our monthly educational tele-seminars with webinars, educational resource webinars the first Wednesday of the month to introduce you to companies offering you useful tools for your practice (as available), updated the recommended reading list, updated the 1- and 3- hour outlines and created a 6-hour outline for presenting an aromatherapy seminar, updated case study guidelines, revised the CPD guidelines with more opportunities for you to earn your CPDs, clinical guidelines for using essential oils in a hospital setting and developing an aromatherapy program, a professional journal to replace our monthly newsletters, and updated our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. We have increased our quality of professional membership by requiring 12 Continuing Professional Development credits each year to elevate our membership standards in the aromatic field. Our member schools have also seen new membership benefits added: 50% discount for Associate members for the first year of membership and free webinar access once a year for all of their students. And last, but not least, another new benefit your board just voted passed is free playback access for to our monthly webinars for 12 months for each webinar for one full year! When you look back at all your board members have accomplished this year, please take time to reach out and thank them for all of their hard work. It has been my pleasure to work with such a dedicated board.  

Our conference committee has been busy working and preparing a fantastic conference for you in Minneapolis, MN.  Save the date - Sept. 26 - 29, 2019. Registration will open soon!

We are always looking for ways to increase your understanding and application of essential oils and related modalities, thus building a stronger and more professional Aromatherapy community. If you have ideas on what or how we can do this please write to [email protected] and let us know.  

Looking forward to serving AIA in 2019,
Inga Wieser, ND, MS, APAIA, MH
AIA President