Dear Members,

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2019. I hope your Christmas and New Year Celebrations were all you wished for and you thoroughly enjoyed them.  

Our new journal editor, Lisa Browder has started working on our Spring edition of Aromatic in Action, Journal of Alliance of International Aromatherapist.  She has made a few changes for submissions to streamline the process. To submit anything for publication send to Lisa at [email protected]. We are all looking forward to her first edition. We greatly thank Anita James for filling in and laying the foundation for the first two issues of our journal. It was a huge job and she did it well. We wish Anita well on all her future endeavors and know she will be successful. We welcome your submissions to our journal. 

Our December webinar had a different twist. We had our members share their aromatic recipes with the group. We plan to publish a eBooklet with everyone's recipes and are extending the invitation to all members. If you have a recipe to share, even if you couldn’t join us in December, please send it in ASAP to [email protected]. Our special guest speaker for the January webinar will be Kayla Fioravanti. Kayla will share information on formulating products, something she has loads of experience with and has written books about. I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful and informative presentation on Wednesday, January 20th at 6:30 pm MST. You may earn one CPD credit for each webinar. If you join us live, a CPD code will be given during the webinar. You must submit your CPD credit request within the week using the code. After one week, you may still earn the credit by watching the webinar (available for one year) and writing a 100 word summary. No CPD credits will be given for any webinar after one year, so please keep copies of your certificates in a safe place.  

The Conference Committee and board are working diligently behind the scenes for the 2019 AIA International Conference and Wellness Expo - Building Bridges: The Future of Aromatics in Integrative Healthcare. Registration is now open and the Board has agreed to extend the early registration until March 31, 2019. Visit our conference page at our website to learn more about the conference: fees, speakers, agenda, hotel and more. Make sure you scroll through our conference website and registration pages to see all the information we have posted there for you. Save the dates - Sept. 26 - 29, 2019. We look forward to seeing you in September in Minneapolis.  

The AIA Board approved to increase membership dues $10. This is our first increase in over five years. The cost of running our organization has increased greatly over this time and we have added some additional expenses in the last few years. The Board is very focused on spending each penny wisely. The increase will take effect on March 1st. You may renew early to avoid the increase. Doing so will not shorten you term of membership.  

We have a new Membership Committee headed by Directors Nancy Lubin and David Kropp. They will be reaching out to members to find out if we are meeting your needs and answering any questions you may have about AIA, so expect a call from them within the next few months. Our Board would be most grateful if you would grant them a little bit of your time to help us learn how we can serve you better. If you have suggestions for us, please share them with Nancy and David. We are excited to reach out to each of you to get your feedback and find out your ideas and suggestions for building an even stronger organization.  

We are always looking for ways to increase your understanding and application of essential oils and related modalities, thus building a stronger and more professional Aromatherapy field. If you have ideas on what or how we can do this please write to [email protected] and let us know.  

Looking forward to serving AIA,
Inga Wieser, ND, MS, APAIA, MH
AIA President