February Webinar

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February Webinar NOTICE - POSTPONED to February 27, 2019, 6:30pm-7:30pm MT

Choosing and Caring for a Still with Liz and James Fulcher

The number of people buying stills for making hydrosols and essential oils at home is booming. If you’ve considered purchasing your own still, you know the variety of choices can be so daunting you don’t know where to start. Liz and James Fulcher will offer guidance on how to determine the best still for your personal distillation needs, what else you will need to get started and how to care for your equipment after you get it home.

Liz Fulcher brings over 28 years of experience, research and education to her work as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Educator. She is the Founder of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute where she offers classes designed to empower her students to become successful Aromatherapists and Aromatherapy Teachers. Liz has served as the Pennsylvania Regional Director for NAHA for 19 years. In 2015 Liz launched the popular “Aromatic Wisdom Podcast”. To date, the podcast has had over 200,000 downloads.
Website:  AromaticWisdomInstitute.com

James Fulcher began his love of hydrosol distillation in 2014 when Liz lovingly “coerced” him into participating in Ann Harman’s renowned “Harvest to Hydrosols” hydrosol distillation program. In 2017 James took over Copperstills.com from Ann and has been importing high quality hand-crafted stills from Portugal ever since. James is a Certified Aromatherapist and for most of his adult life has pursued a deep passion for Primitive living and instruction in Primitive Survival Skills.
Website: Copperstills.com


Continuing Education

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